Web Design – Free Versus Paid Classes

There are hundreds of free online web design classes that are offered. For the novice, many of these classes can very well be useful and since they cost nothing, there isn’t much to lose in trying a few of them. This is especially true if you are not sure whether web design is definitively something you want to do for the long haul.

Do be careful however because some of these classes are designed by folks who have also taught themselves and not everything provided in the courses will necessarily mesh with the industry’s standards. Therein lies the biggest problem with non-standardized courses taught.

Web and graphic designers are encouraged to add their own unique flair and creativity to what they do but that doesn’t always work cross-culturally with each program and facet of the industry. And once you learn bad habits, they are hard to break especially if you are a beginner. Novice computer designers often don’t know or recognize when they are doing something incorrectly.

Still many of the classes are quite useful such as beginner HTML classes and design classes that are taught pretty much the same across the board like InDesign and Photoshop. Once you get to coding and other tedious and complex tasks however, being more diligent about which classes you take and where will be more urgent.

Which Classes to Take

Everyone who is interested in taking online web design instruction should have at least a few basic classes under their belt even before taking elementary design classes.

These include but aren’t limited to:

  • An introductory class on the history of web design
  • Differences between the web and print design
  • A class that teaches patterns and textures as well as composition
  • Understanding coloring and model and how they work and are enhanced

These types of classes will give a solid understanding of basics in web design and will also get you familiar with the terminology that you will come across in other classes. If you have little to no knowledge of computer terminology, these classes can be very helpful.

The next beginner classes you will want to take are all fundamental if you hope to succeed in this field.

There are too many to list but here are some of the most popular ones. They include:

  • HTML 101
  • Intro to Dreamweaver
  • Flash Training Courses
  • Web Design Contracts
  • Fireworks
  • Website Construction and Design Classes
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML Formation
  • CSS
  • SQL Training Courses
  • SQL Server Courses

The list is much lengthier but classes such as these are a great place to start. It is also okay to call a local college and speak with some of the guidance or computer staff there and ask questions that can help guide your choices and decisions.