Advantages of Mobile Web Development

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The introduction of the mobile web has completely changed the way users looked at the Internet. Now, this was more, a lot more than sitting before a computer, wait for the pages to open, and get the job done!

This was the time to enjoy the fun of surfing on a go! All the favorite websites were now becoming available on mobile phones! And today, when the time falls short, users do find the time to keep a tab on their mailboxes and their favorite networking sites. Thanks to the mobile web.

Today more and more users are accessing the Internet using their mobile phones and other handheld devices. According to the popular website Wikipedia, the growth of mobile users accessing the Internet through their mobiles is faster than the growth recorded for desktop and laptop users!

But easy it may sound, developing websites for mobile and other handheld devices is quite a challenge. Let’s see why:

Mobile web developers know well the challenges of providing the user’s web-like comfort on their mobile sets. And that is why they are striving to make websites light, easily navigable and attractive for all kinds of handsets, as these are the major requirements for mobile web development.

Most businesses have started looking at mobile websites as a potent marketing tool. Gradually the corporates have realized the potential of making their websites compatible with mobile phones.

Smartphones have added to this trend with mobile phones turning to complete multimedia device rather than a simple communication tool. With the advancement in HTML 5 and the development of a wide range of apps, web browsing on mobile phones has become easier.

Targeting Mobile Web Development

Mobile websites are much targeted compared to traditional websites. They include only the core message that acts as a persuasive tool rather than a traditional website full of advertisements and unnecessary applications.

The user base of Internet-enabled mobile handsets is far wider than the number of desktop and laptop users that makes it a better marketing tool. Also, using mobile phones requires very little or no training compared to desktops and laptops.

Mobile web can be literally accessed on the move, which is not the case with laptops, no matter how much wireless connectivity is available. It is much more convenient for a quick web browsing compared to a laptop.

A mobile website creates brand value for your business in the market. Not all of your competitors would have a professional mobile website. This will put you into a completely separate league much to the envy of your competitors.

It is very easy to integrate a mobile website with offline media, which gives users a chance to browse the information at their own ease.

If you want to use the Internet and web to the maximum, you should start seriously thinking about mobile web development. Outsource your custom mobile development project to a good offshore development center like at and you will see the results for yourself.

Mobile web developers can also create a good website from the existing content that they have on your website. They will run tests on the popular mobile browsers that will ensure an enthralling experience for your existing and potential customers.

By focusing attention on the traditional internet user who accesses the internet form a desktop or a laptop, a business is restricting itself to just a part of its target customers. But, by developing and deploying a mobile website they are widening their scope and reaching a bigger target audience.

This means they can further increase their chances of converting prospective customers into customers. In a cutthroat world of business, it becomes increasingly important to use as many marketing avenues as possible to steal a march over competitors.

Web Design – Free Versus Paid Classes

There are hundreds of free online web design classes that are offered. For the novice, many of these classes can very well be useful and since they cost nothing, there isn’t much to lose in trying a few of them. This is especially true if you are not sure whether web design is definitively something you want to do for the long haul.

Do be careful however because some of these classes are designed by folks who have also taught themselves and not everything provided in the courses will necessarily mesh with the industry’s standards. Therein lies the biggest problem with non-standardized courses taught.

Web and graphic designers are encouraged to add their own unique flair and creativity to what they do but that doesn’t always work cross-culturally with each program and facet of the industry. And once you learn bad habits, they are hard to break especially if you are a beginner. Novice computer designers often don’t know or recognize when they are doing something incorrectly.

Still many of the classes are quite useful such as beginner HTML classes and design classes that are taught pretty much the same across the board like InDesign and Photoshop. Once you get to coding and other tedious and complex tasks however, being more diligent about which classes you take and where will be more urgent.

Which Classes to Take

Everyone who is interested in taking online web design instruction should have at least a few basic classes under their belt even before taking elementary design classes.

These include but aren’t limited to:

  • An introductory class on the history of web design
  • Differences between the web and print design
  • A class that teaches patterns and textures as well as composition
  • Understanding coloring and model and how they work and are enhanced

These types of classes will give a solid understanding of basics in web design and will also get you familiar with the terminology that you will come across in other classes. If you have little to no knowledge of computer terminology, these classes can be very helpful.

The next beginner classes you will want to take are all fundamental if you hope to succeed in this field.

There are too many to list but here are some of the most popular ones. They include:

  • HTML 101
  • Intro to Dreamweaver
  • Flash Training Courses
  • Web Design Contracts
  • Fireworks
  • Website Construction and Design Classes
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML Formation
  • CSS
  • SQL Training Courses
  • SQL Server Courses

The list is much lengthier but classes such as these are a great place to start. It is also okay to call a local college and speak with some of the guidance or computer staff there and ask questions that can help guide your choices and decisions.

Online Web Design Training

Taking classes online is quite popular these days and for many reasons. Many people find that online training benefits them because first and foremost, it is much more affordable in most cases and they also like that they can learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their own homes. Since technology is still booming, a lot of people are taking online web design training classes and are faring quite well at them. Before jumping in headfirst, however, there are some things that should be considered and researched.

Before choosing any web design program online it is important to research the program thoroughly. Although many employers are now recognizing that online training can be as good as in-class training, many still question the validity and some don’t entirely trust that the online programs offer the necessary skills and tools needed for real-life working situations. They also may question the effectiveness of online training.

Therefore, you will want to select a program that is well recognized and has credibility. It is also a good idea to partake in an online training school or program that intertwines both online classes and a nice mixture of an intern or externship. Potential employers often want to know that even online students have had a chance to experience real-life situations and have had some hands-on training prior to graduating.

The good thing about online web design training is that unlike other professions much of what is learned requires the student to be on a computer and there is less emphasis for person to person contact as with medical and other professions. Therefore, you may find that even programs without internships are still recognized and appreciated by potential employers.

You will also want to be assured that the online program you choose is one that is effective. Such programs should follow the Instructional Systems Design rules which are used by some training schools and programs to make sure that the course4s taught are effective in web design and include such things as development, analysis, technical analysis and keeps up with the latest trends and advances in the technological realm.

The online program and courses should match your learning style. Some people learn better with interaction and hands-on training, while others are visual or audio learners. Whichever is your learning style make sure the online web design program suits those needs.

Technology Blogs For Latest Computer and Tech News

Technology Blogs For Latest Computer and Tech News
Considering technology has appeared to inhabit our lives greatly, there’s really no reason for staying completely unaware regarding its continual evolution. Every day one comes across stray news in connection with the launch of some revolutionary iPhone or the advancement of an active brand of laptops. Even so, often such news results in being tough to hunt down to a legitimate source thus making it difficult for curious prospects to make additional inquiries. Technology blogs are an excellent way to obtain sorted facts. Not surprising that they have earned so much recognition in the current times!

There are lots of benefits that come with these types of blogs. They are web pages which provide subscribers a free site where reports regarding the newest revolutions in technology are made accessible. Considering that the internet has without a doubt invaded nearly every home and is within reach of persons of every age and field, it certainly won’t be right to say that such technology blogs will just be recognized by tech nerds.

By reduction of the hassles of sprinting from a tech market to another and browsing forever for details about an individual new gizmo, these blogs have made simple the complete business of understanding technology in general. In fact, large numbers of organizations are pitching their advertising tents on popular blog pages in a wager to further improve their enterprise. Seeing that such blogs are used by a range of readers, these are generally possible sites for the releasing of a company’s new releases. Conversely, such promoting strategies enable the blog itself to grow in appeal and increase its audience.

Blogs can also be referred to as fair experts of technological products. Each time new items are introduced to the market and the open public remains dubious about its particular features, pluses and minuses, these technology blogs direct them to light, by providing detailed and unbiased assessments of the products on their blog pages. Blogs also work as effective announcement sites. You can get information about the recent scandal encompassing a certain company which might have probably unveiled a malfunctioning item quite some time back. Additionally it is a wonderful way to make people who may become customers more aware and alert. These blogs are the best suited starting point for those who think of themselves to be technically incapacitated and want to repair that.

The blog spot also provides for an assessment between products supplied by different companies. Considering, one has to keep many issues in mind while the purchase of an item, some good information about the price, functions and other related items might help in making the best choice. To increase their audience base and popularise their web directories, blogs more often than not join forces with all the many social network sites. It aids both, considering blogs win more intrigued subscribers and the subscribers consequently learn about new technological creations and other related news while they are socializing with other individuals on the social networking site. For the social networking site too, this is a win-win predicament since they receive more customers who at times join to keep themselves up-to-date through easy means concerning the latest inventions in technology.